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Title: Waiting
Rating: G
Words: 313
first time; be gentle with me.  i'm just working through a process with this. testing, testing, 1 2 3.

It took a long time for Zach to start even thinking about whether Chris was really into him or just ratcheting up the flirt factor for onscreen chemistry. He decided on the latter during filming, when it was all high-fives and character motivation discussions and trying different angles and different line readings.

But then on tour, he started thinking about it again, that maybe it was more, maybe he wasn’t reading into it, into the way Chris touched him casually and leaned against him and looked up words the night before to drop into conversation just to watch his surprise and make him squirm in the seat.

But he couldn’t test the theory, Zach knew, because then it might screw everything up. Everything.

1) The epic chemistry between them as actors, because that couldn’t be faked, not the same way the real chemistry made them soar and play off each other when the cameras were rolling, either on set or in interviews;

2) The friendship, the start what the press liked to call a bromance that Zach could see stretching out into the future for decades, because they really connected on an intellectual level as much as any other level (although it was another level that Zach really wished they could connect on);

3) The delicate balance of association between a gay guy and a straight guy, because Zach was pretty sure Chris was straight, like an arrow, like a die, like the line Johnny Cash walked.

4) Them. Just them. Zach had never had a professional/personal/whatever relationship like this one before, and although he wasn’t quite sure what it was, exactly, he knew he wanted to keep it.

So he kept quiet, and waited, and wondered, but most of the time he just enjoyed what they had, even if it wasn’t something that he could identify with any certainty.

It was what it was, then and now.


Jan. 19th, 2011 07:25 am (UTC)
I'm not very familiar with any of those artists, though I think I know Goldfrapp.

I was rediscovering my love of Soul Coughing today in the car.



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